Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving along with Social Media

The Social Media Project is finally off the ground. The plan called for creating profiles for the various networks and micro blogging sites as well as establishing a blog specific to adults with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays. We have created a facebook and twitter account, and updated linked-in information.

Once the profiles were created, cultivating followers and Friends began. The learning curve here was steady and fast. Conversations were initiated with those interested in the topic of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays. This was accomplished by using the search tools provided in each social medium and also visiting sites and posting. Amazing how each day, folks seem to find and comment on the topics posted to the social networks.

The most challenging piece so far is identifying the key topics to write about on the blog and setting the time aside to post. An editorial calendar was established to direct the movement towards providing topics to support families and professionals. Once the topics are established and published, the messaging and blogging will be used to pass the information along. Critical is the participation of visitor, hearing and listening to their voice and then researching and posting information, resources and tools to support them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Research Focus Group

The Research Department at Spurwink began working on a focus group study to get feedback about our residential treatment services. Before we decided to buy a recorder, we thought to ask Sonia if we could borrow the digital recorder that she uses for podcasts. Luckily, she was not using it during the focus groups and we now have it on loan. It has proven more than adequate for our recording needs of the focus group study. I’m glad this grant is helping the Research Department. Thanks Sonia!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Social Media Sites And other Dominate Niche Sites

The Social Media Project includes disseminating information, announcements of seminars, posting podcasts, video and stories. To accomplish this goal, I've initiated participation in several social media sites and other dominate niche sties.

Accounts were created for the following: microbloging - twitter; social and professional networks - facebook and linked-in; blog for Spruce Point.

Next will be to create YouTube account and post video.

Other sites for investigation and creation are Fastpitch, Plaxo, Merchant Circle and QAlias.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Social Media Project Goals

The short-term goals of the project are (1) to increase Maine families’ access to information, training and resources related to the care of children with autism, and (2) to create a virtual community for caregivers, enabling the sharing of ideas and support. Over the long-term, we plan to create a large, self-sustaining library of resources that has a demonstrated impact on the knowledge, techniques and strategies that people in Maine use to care for children and adults with autism disorders. We expect this library to evolve over time based on the input of the ASD community, and we also intend to broaden the topics covered over time to engage and serve other populations of mental health consumers and caregivers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grants and Equipment Update

This past week, two grant proposals were mailed. One to the Betterment Foundation and another to Fairpoint Communications.

We investigated still camera options and compared prices and purchases a Nikon D60. Early next week Steve Congdon and I will demo the video cameras.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Metrics and Analytics

In my first post I’d like to introduce myself and what I see my role will be working on this project. I’ll start by saying I'm really excited to be working with you all on this. Hopefully we can make some real progress in strengthening our web presence with the help from the folks at the Davis Family Foundation. I think I speak for us all when I say we are greatly appreciative to have received this grant.

I'm Kevin Blaisdell, Data Collection Analyst in the OM&R (Outcome Measures & Research) department here at Spurwink. Much of what I do involves on crunching numbers and writing code to make our reports. This project really appeals to me since it is both analytic and marketing related; I was happy to connect with Sonia to become a part of this.

To start, I will identify some competitors’ websites and see where we stand, what others have done and what we may be able to do with our resources. We have a Google analytics account for the Spurwink website thanks to Donna and Digital Goat. This will prove invaluable to our future endeavors.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Project Equipment

Moving along, Steve Congdon will be reviewing the project equipment list in consultation with Don Horner of DHG Production. William Cuddy will do the final review and procurement of the items on the list.

The camera and lighting equipment will be the first purchases. We will have to accept that there will be a learning curve and we'll want to do several practice runs before we go live.